Ip66 Led Power Supply

Ip66 Led Power Supply

80Watts led power supply
12volts constant voltage led power supply
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LED lights require very high quality led drivers,because if one or some are broken,

the labour cost and replacement will be very higher.

1.Electrolytic capacitor : Rubycon (10000~12000 hours at 105°C)  capacitor imported from Japan;  Fairchild Mosfet, Infenion Ic etc. These components are very important to the led driver.

2.Other raw materials we use is Silicone gel (Thermal conductivity is 0.8~1.0w/mm2),

aluminum is 237W/mm2.-----So the heat will be quickly emited by silicone gel and

aluminum case, besides, the best silicone gel and high-frequency capacitance make

driver have a strong ability of enduring work on low temperature -50°C.

3.Efficiency: About 90% (higher efficiency means less heat, less heat means low

temperature, thus lifespan will be longer.

4.PFC >0.98 ,The Governments claim LED Street Lights driver’s PFC is 0.95. Thus we

 could use electric energy efficiently, More energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

5.Low Ripple 0.6%-2%, thus LED Driver have a excellent stability. The Lower Ripple,the

better stability.

6. Current Precision is 1%, it makes LED outdoor lighting fixture have perfect Precision.

7.Lighting Protection: Over load, over voltage, short circuit.
All our led drivers for led road lamps we will have lighting protection
 (Gas discharge tube + NTC together to avoid the lighting hit).

Model: OTM-CV-80W
Input Voltage: 90-265V AC
Output voltage: 12V 24V    36V
OUtput current: 6.67A 3.33A 2.22A
Freequency: 47-63HZ
Protection :Current protection    ±1%(current limiting type)
Over-Voltage: 110%~130%
Over-Load :130%
Short Circuit:Hiccup mode.recovers automatically after troubleshoot
Withstand 3750VAC surge input for 5 seconds
Fit Standard:Safety standard    Fit IP67 protection level
EMC Standard: Fit EN 55015/EN 61000/EN 61547,CLASS A