12v Waterproof Led Transformer

12v Waterproof Led Transformer

100watts constant voltage outdoor led driver
24volts led power supply
IP67 waterproof design
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Product Details

100Watts 12volts/24v constant voltage outdoor lighting driver

Features of waterproof led driver power supply

1. Using high quality components:
* Core driver chip IC :choose ON ansion beauty, TI and other big brands,
import core source, low working temperature, stable and reliable performance"
* Schottky diode selection: PANJIT company. ansion beauty big brand, such as the core source, stable performance and reliable quality"
* MOS tubes: the United States fairchild, stmicroelectronics ST, South Korea weston brands such as low working temperature, stable performance, reliable in quality"
* Capacitance: electrolytic capacitor using high frequency low resistance,enough capacitance,
resistant to high voltage, leakage current small, small loss Angle, high ripple current and high and low temperature resistant "
2. Safety Protections: Short circuit / Over current / Over voltage / Over temperature
3. Suitable for LED lighting and street lighting applications
4.Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting
5.Uitable for dry / damp / wet locations

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