60W LED Driver with Plastic Case

60W LED Driver with Plastic Case

60w 12v constant voltage led driver Ultra thin 18mm thickness IP20
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Product Details

60W plastic case Slim LED Driver

1. Features of led driver: 60W 12V

Slimline design, specially for application with narrow space, such as covelight, light box, channel letter... 
Fully sealed with plastic housing IP20. 
No grounding connection. 
Power supply for LED module, strip, perforating lamp, pixel lamp, light bar, light box, wall washer, panel light, etc...

2. Specifications of led driver

Model no.OTM-SS60-12
Input voltage170-264VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Max. output power60W max
Output typeConstant voltage
Power FactorLow PF>0.9
Output voltage12VDC/24VDC ± 5%
Max. output current5A/2.5A max
ProtectionOverload, Short circuit

3. Applications of led driver

(1) indoor/outdoor LED illuminating lights, 

(2)LED Neon, 

(3)LED urban Decoration

(4)LED Lighting Advertising, 

(5)LED Display, 

(6)Safety Protection Apparatus, 

4. Important Parameter of led driver
Store Temperature: -35~65° C
Working Temperature: -25~40° C
Work environment: Indoor or outdoor installations

5. Equipments and Production Lines
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