12 Watt Ip20 Led Transformer

12 Watt Ip20 Led Transformer

12 watts small led driver
12volts 1000mA constant voltage led power supply
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Product Details

- electronic LED transformer 12 watts
- Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz
- Output voltage: 12 volts DC; 1A
- Dimensions: WxHxD 92x41x20
- only suitable for dry rooms
- Termination via screw terminals
- Housing made of white plastic

This transformer is ideal if you want to install LEDs at home. Whether in the living room, party room, home bar, where you want, you can now use energy-saving LED lighting. Straight LED and LED spotlights are small Sensibelchen. Since halogen transformers often use 13-14V instead of the usual 12V, they often reduce the lifetime of LED spotlights considerably! In addition, electronic transformers often start working only at 20-30 watts. Therefore, make better use of this specially developed LED transformer to enjoy your modern lighting for a long time!

LED transformers are technically precisely designed for LEDs, thus providing an ideal power supply for any LED application. Unlike conventional transformers, the DC voltage is smoothed by the integrated electronics (switching power supply). The connected LEDs are thus not exposed to harmful current spikes or fluctuations. A maximum service life is guaranteed.

Attention: LED transformers should only be connected by qualified electricians. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed. To avoid an electric shock, switch off the power before working on the device.


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