Valencia International Lighting Fair In Spain

- Aug 20, 2018-

The Spanish Lighting Fair is one of the most important exhibitions in Spain and has a high reputation in international exhibitions, which has a great influence on the development of the lighting sector. Exhibitors, professional visitors and exhibition areas have increased year by year and are only open to professional visitors. In 2006, the exhibition was first opened to Chinese exhibitors, and exhibitors achieved good trade results. The exhibition organizes technical seminars and participates in international promotion programs by setting up different exhibition areas. The exhibition will explore the latest technology and service innovations and showcase the latest electronic technology achievements. The Spanish Lighting Fair will be the most innovative and representative institutions, companies and professionals in lighting electronics, lighting power and lighting. The organizer of the exhibition is a powerful Spanish official exhibition organization. Under its careful planning and vigorous promotion, the exhibition has greatly improved its scale and exhibition effect, and this market-competitive emerging industry is on the international market. Development is of great significance. Most of Spain's domestic audience comes from Madrid, with the rest coming from Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia, Castile and Basque.

Market analysis

Spain is the fourth largest market in the European Union and the tenth largest economic entity in the world. Since Spain joined the European Union, its economic growth has been impressive. The annual gross national product has remained at around 3.4%, making it one of the best performing countries in the EU. In China's foreign trade, the EU and the United States and Japan are listed as three major markets. China and the EU are important trading partners to each other. The two sides have exchanged high-level visits and signed trade agreements, which will give China an opportunity to export to EU member states including Spain. In the Spanish lighting market, specialized lighting stores account for 30% of the total, 20% of large stores, 10% of large shopping areas selling middle and low-end products, and 10% of decoration companies.

China is the largest supplier of Spanish lighting market. The products have penetrated into the Spanish market, with a market share of 26%. The products cover all kinds of basic lamps, such as ceiling lamps, home floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps, etc., which are more expensive than Spanish or EU products. Cheaper than 40%. In addition, Spain's technology and trade barriers are relatively easy compared to other European markets and are the bridgehead for Chinese goods entering Europe. Due to historical reasons, Spain has great radiation and influence in the markets of North Africa and Latin America, and is also a good opportunity for Chinese companies to enter these countries.

Range of exhibition 

1, all kinds of light source products: solar energy, solar lights, solar lamps, energy-saving lamps, new general lighting bulbs, halogen tungsten bulbs (including single-ended, double-ended, reflective, etc.); fluorescent lamps (including straight tube, ring type, compact Type, special shape, etc.; high-intensity body discharge lamp (high-pressure nano lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.); various types of radiation source (infrared, ultraviolet, etc.); high-frequency electrodeless lamp; neon lamp; light-emitting diode (LED) And signal lights;

2, lamps and lighting: flashlights, LED flashlights, civil lamps, architectural lighting, industrial and mining lamps, solar lamps, floodlighting lighting, indoor lighting, air purification and other environmentally friendly lights, public places, embedded lamps, marine fluorescent lighting, Marine explosion-proof lamps, road lighting fixtures, special vehicle sign lamps, explosion-proof lamps, underwater lighting lamps, emergency lamps;

3, professional lighting and supporting equipment (neon lights, stage, film, TV lighting): dimming control equipment and various types of light control devices (light control, voice control, infrared sensing devices, dimming stations) exhibition area;

4, lighting electrical products supporting components, parts: all kinds of switches, wires, cables, relays, ballasts, triggers, transformers, insulation materials, electronic components, lamp holders, lamp holders, etc.;

5, special materials for lighting electrical products: phosphor, electronic powder, quartz tube, glass tube (shell), electrical grade materials, tungsten wire and other special metal wire;

6. Outdoor lighting exhibition area: outdoor/street lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, stadium lighting, garden, public place lighting, explosion-proof, industrial and mining lighting, etc.;

7, LED / OLED lamps: LED commercial lighting, LED architectural lighting, LED home lighting, LED hotel lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED public places lighting, LED car lighting, solar LED lights, LED drive power and control systems.