Tokyo International Lighting Technology Exhibition

- Jan 01, 2018-

LIGHTING JAPAN, Tokyo International Lighting Technology Exhibition, Japan, is hosted by Reed Exhibitions and is held annually. The rapid development of the exhibition and the continuous expansion of its scale have become an excellent platform for exploring the LED and OLED markets in Japan and even in Asia, seeking business opportunities and building networks.

2016 LIGHTING JAPAN consists of three exhibitions, "The 7th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo", "The 5th LED/OLED Light Expo", and "DESIGN LIGHTING TOKYO", covering all LED/OLED lighting fixtures. Development, manufacturing technology and materials-related content, and Design Lighting TOKYO is to showcase the design lighting that makes the space more sensible, so that the eyes of visitors looking for innovative and stylish design lighting are bright.

In 2017, more than 600 companies are expected to participate in the exhibition, and the number of visitors will exceed 40,000. It is the largest LED lighting exhibition in Japan, with remarkable results, attracting the entry of internationally renowned brands such as Osram, Philips and GM. It covers the participation of well-known companies such as Panasonic and Sharp in Japan.

The 2016 LIGHTING JAPAN Lighting Technology Exhibition brings together all international exhibitions of related equipment, components and materials for LED/OLED lighting design, R&D and manufacturing. It involves heating solutions, power supply technology, related technologies for wafers and chips, and more. By participating in this exhibition, you have the opportunity to explore future business opportunities, engage with a large number of potential customers, and carry out various technical exchanges and cooperation proposals. The Japan Lighting Association conducts large-scale publicity in various media outlets around the world, and holds a number of industry-related professional academic exhibitions in the same period to attract more buyers to the exhibition. Supported by a number of professional associations, Japan International Lighting Exhibition is the best opportunity for Chinese companies that meet the high standards of Japan to develop this market.

Market analysis

The Japanese economy has always been in a state of openness to the outside world. The Japanese government has continuously encouraged the introduction of foreign products to fill the shortage of production in the domestic market, with China being one of the major importers. At present, the main trade areas of the Japanese lighting market are still Asia. The top four importing countries are China, Germany, the United States and South Korea. The import share of each country is 33.1%, 13.9%, 7.6% and 7.1% respectively. As can be seen from the above data, China's lighting products accounted for more than 30% of Japan's import market, and ranked first with a 33.1% market share. In the future, as Chinese lighting companies continue to enhance their product quality concepts and their own cost competitive advantages, Chinese products will have more opportunities to expand in the Japanese light source market.

Range of exhibition 

1. Lighting fixtures: residential/indoor/outdoor/vehicle, office, road, workshop, backlight, stage, outdoor/other LED lighting fixtures;

2. Lighting equipment: LED, OLED, FEL, inorganic EL and other lighting equipment;

3. Manufacturing equipment: lighting equipment and related manufacturing equipment, manufacturing engineering related equipment, lighting modules, parts assembly and installation related equipment and other related equipment;

4. Inspection / testing / testing / evaluation equipment: appearance and surface inspection equipment; LED, brightness, thermal resistance, color, illumination measurement equipment; photometric equipment, evaluation equipment, life measurement equipment, current and voltage measurement Equipment, evaluation equipment, analyzers and related equipment;

5. Components and materials: crystalline substrate, electrode material, resistance material, electronic ceramic material, radiant material, lead frame, bonding wire, coating material, dispensing, solder, mask, desiccant, reflective material, phosphor, Optical components and other drive components, etc.;

6. Optical parts: optical parts, processing technology, materials;

7. Power supply: switching power supply, converter, inverter, UPS, driver integrated circuit, transformer, printed circuit board, capacitor, line group, rectifier, etc.;

8. Thermal solution: thermal conductive sheet, synthetic resin, heat sink, heat resistant insulation material, packaging material, lead frame, reflector, coating material, wire strip, etc., lighting instrument technology, design analysis tool, software, optics Related products and technologies, lighting modules and components, lighting systems required products / technology / services, various commissioning services, other related technologies and services.