Tokyo International Lighting And Lighting Fair, Japan

- Nov 07, 2018-

One of the largest lighting and lighting exhibitions in Japan

As a comprehensive exhibition of “Building Materials & Home Lighting & Building & Reloading”, since its inception, JAPAN LIGHTING has continued to grow with the development of the Japanese electronics and lighting industry. Since 2017, the organizers have integrated lighting modules into the exhibition, and exhibitors can see more and updated exhibits.

Large scale: The overall size of the previous JAPAN BUILD is larger than ever. The organizers have held a number of technical exhibitions in different fields but related to each other. There are about 400 international and Japanese manufacturers exhibiting, the largest and largest, except the building materials stone. The exhibition also has four key exhibitions, including Intelligent Building Exhibition, Smart Home Lighting Exhibition and Building Reloading Exhibition. The synergy is significant, which is conducive to sharing buyer resources.

High recognition: The exhibition attracted a total of 30,000 professional buyers to visit and negotiate. Major buyers such as Daiwa, Sumitomo, Mitsui, Toyota and other major Japanese real estate builders, developers, contractors, import and export companies will also visit and purchase.

The ideal platform: The exhibition provides a convenient and professional procurement platform for buyers and distributors of Japanese lighting equipment. It also opens up an efficient channel for exhibitors to expand into the Japanese market. The exhibition can be effectively used as a platform for negotiation. Invigorating, it provides an important platform for companies to release new products and attract buyers.