The Basic Introduction Of LED Driver

- Jun 07, 2018-

LED driver (led Driver) is a power-adjusting electronic device that drives led Light-emitting or LED module components to work properly. Because of the LED PN junction of the conduction characteristics, it can adapt to the power supply voltage and current range is very narrow, a slight deviation may not be able to light the LED or light-emitting efficiency seriously reduced, or shorten the service life or even burn the chip.

The current frequency power supply and the common battery power supply are not suitable for direct supply led,led Drive is the electronic component which can drive the led to work under the optimal voltage or current state. As LED applications are almost everywhere in the electronics application, their luminous intensity, light color and on-off control are almost impossible to predict, so the LED driver becomes almost one-to-one servo devices, making this device family members become a variety of. The simplest led driver (if it can be called it) may be one or several series-parallel resistance components in the loop shunt partial pressure, it is not a stand-alone product. For more general commercial applications that require stable constant current constant voltage output, a series of system solutions with accurate power adjustment capabilities are developed.