The Application Of LED Driver

- Jun 07, 2018-

From high-power LED main application market----landscape lamp, to analyze high-power led market, landscape lighting market as the largest application of LED lighting market, the share of about 43%. Its new round of rapid growth will drive the overall LED lighting industry's rapid development. Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Nanchang and other large and medium-sized urban landscape lighting has been quite large-scale, completed a considerable part of the LED lighting demonstration project, the successful completion of the demonstration projects in the cities and the success of the Olympic venues in the application, indicating that LED lighting in the landscape lighting technology has gradually matured. Whether domestic or foreign, the city's landscape is a city's landmark building products, and as the neon lights of landscape lighting is in the world because of energy, energy saving, environmental protection and other issues are gradually replaced by LED landscape lights, around the world around More than 700,000 city, to a city 5000 calculation.

A lamp of about 1000 yuan calculation, light these produced enormous economic benefits is unpredictable. Drive is the core of LED lighting components, with the development of LED chip technology, LED light source quality has been very reliable, in many cases LED lighting failures are from the drive. High-Power LED driving power is a new industry, has not formed a concentrated industrial agglomeration, therefore, the regional is not obvious. And the number of enterprises entering the industry is not much, so the competition is less intense.