The 7th Pakistan International Lighting Exhibition In September 2018

- Sep 12, 2018-

The Pakistan International LED and Lighting Exhibition is hailed as the largest and most influential trade show in Pakistan. The exhibition attracted many lighting and industrial leaders and experts from around the world to visit the market in Pakistan. The show provides a highly focused and interactive environment for participants to develop innovative foreign trade and partnership opportunities and expand their existing market reach.

Pakistan International Lighting Exhibition covers electricity, oil and lighting. It is held once a year and has been successfully held for many times. The exhibition has received strong support from various departments of the Pakistani government. The exhibition has been recognized by many people in the power and lighting industry in Pakistan and South Asia. And received high praise from these people and the major media. This exhibition not only exhibits the world's advanced technology and equipment, but also provides a good platform for face-to-face communication between buyers and sellers, scholars and experts who have joined the conference, and has made necessary contributions to the investment in the lighting/energy industry in Pakistan. Lighting Asian 2018 will be held in the Pakistani city of Karachi, which will definitely provide a clear prospect and direct guidance for the local lighting, new energy and solar industries, further strengthen Pakistan's energy planning and scientific development, and exhibitors will also be more direct. Opportunity to explore the potential market in Pakistan.

Lighting equipment (concurrently held energy, solar power exhibition)

High-power LEDs, liquid-emitting LEDs, organic light-emitting diodes, other LEDs, SMD LEDs, architectural lighting,

Automotive lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, decorative landscapes and garden lighting, exterior lighting, ground lighting, interior lighting,

Office lighting, residential LED lighting, retail lighting, special lighting, stage lighting, street lighting, tunnel lighting, underwater fountain lighting, LED safety indicating lighting, LED bulbs, LED ceiling lights, LED downlights, LED flat panel lights, LED floodlights Lights, garden lights, lighting fixtures, LED spotlights, street lights, LED light pipes, LED underground lights, underwater lights, wall washers, solar LED lights, etc.