Smart Lighting Is Getting Better

- Sep 13, 2018-

Some people describe smart lighting as another vent of the lighting industry. In fact, it is only an inevitable outcome of industrial progress and market demand.

In the traditional lighting period, we can only achieve the light and dark adjustment of the light by means of the control system, in addition to meeting the light and dark needs of light, it can also achieve energy-saving purposes. In the era of LED lighting, not only can the darkness be adjusted, but also the color temperature and color can be adjusted, which provides a basis for creating a healthy light environment.
In the past few years, when the lighting industry discussed and developed intelligent lighting, it emphasized the form and the intelligent control technology itself, and stayed in the concept. In recent years, many companies have focused on the need for intelligent lighting in terms of demand and application. On-demand lighting is the essence of intelligent lighting.

Different spaces, different working environments, and different people have different needs for lighting. Physiological, psychological, and human rhythms can be alleviated and adjusted through different lights. Research in this area is gradually being carried out.


With the progress of research, the intelligent lighting of home, hotel, office, commercial and industrial is steadily advancing.

Driven by smart tourism and smart cities, lighting equipment has become the best vehicle to be used because of its ubiquitous character in the city. The latest advances in optical communication technology, the use of optical transmission signals is about to enter the application stage, the ubiquity of lighting is an indispensable carrier.

Smart lighting is not only green lighting, it is also a healthy lighting, it is also the carrier of our creation of the Internet of Everything.

It is the key to the future development of the lighting industry to discuss the needs with experts in related fields, integrate with related industries, and coordinate with relevant management departments. Simple production of lamps,

Selling lamps has not adapted to the current industry situation, and there must be a sense of cross-border and integration. The premise of cross-border and integration is to expand into relevant fields on the basis of the existing business development of the company.