Panama International Lighting Exhibition

- Jul 11, 2018-

Exhibition introduction

Is one of the famous lighting exhibitions in Panama

The Panama Lighting Exhibition INTER LUMI was held at the Atlapa Exhibition Center in Panama City, Panama from July 11th to 13th, 2018. The exhibition was hosted by the America Expo Group as a new “Member” of the global lighting industry exhibition, which is the entry of companies into the Latin American lighting market. Opportunity.

High professionalism: The exhibition is the only professional lighting exhibition in Panama and the Caribbean. Exhibitors generally reflect that the audience is very professional, as well as professional media, associations and other related organizations. During the 2017 exhibition, a total of 8 professional forums were held, and the Panama Green Building Forum was held during the same period. The visitors of the exhibition mainly came from manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors/retailers, designers and so on.

Attractive: In 2017, there were 151 exhibitors from 21 countries. The exhibition was in good effect. Many Chinese exhibitors gave feedback on the market in Panama. It is worth a visit and said that they will continue to participate in the 2018 Panama International Lighting Exhibition to better enter the Latin American market.

Diversified exhibits: The exhibits cover almost all products in the lighting industry, including commercial lights; decorative lights; electronic lights; emergency lights; LED products and technology; lighting accessories and parts outdoor lights / public area lighting; professional lighting; Indoor lighting; work lights special application lights; control and management equipment; energy and power; production and measurement equipment.

Market analysis

Latin America is an emerging market. Panama’s international trade is very developed, but the exhibition market is very new. At present, Panama does not have a professional building materials exhibition, and there is no professional lighting exhibition. There are only two international professional exhibitions, namely the Panama International Auto Show in June and the Panama International Tire Show in July. The two exhibitions will be held for the first time. The time is 2014 and 2011 respectively. Although the history of these two exhibitions was not long, the effect of the exhibition was unanimously recognized by the participants. Thanks to Panama's strong market potential and the lack of a professional, international lighting exhibition platform, America Expo Group decided to join hands with the US Department of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in Panama, the Mexican Lighting Industry Association, and the Panama Cologne Free Trade Zone. Panama held the first professional lighting exhibition.

Panama radiates 120 million people in more than 20 countries, and is known as “Hong Kong in the Caribbean” and “Dubai in the Caribbean”. Its financial industry and entrepot trade are developed and occupy an important position in the economy. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and has an important strategic position. It is the dividing line between South and North America. For lighting companies in all countries, if you want to enter the Latin American lighting market, Panama will be the best breakthrough.

In recent years, Panama has also been opening up to foreign trade, hoping to highlight the status of the South American Trade Center through reciprocal treaties and visa-free treaties with various Central and South American countries. At the first ministerial meeting of the China-Latin America Forum in January 2015, the Chinese state delivered a speech and was full of confidence in the trade between China and Latin America: in the near future, the trade volume between China and Latin America will increase substantially, and Chinese companies exhibiting and doing business in Latin America will be significant. increase. Panama’s open economy is also expected to grow into the second “Dubai” in the next decade.