Padua International Lighting Exhibition, Italy

- Sep 04, 2018-

Market analysis

In recent years, the import and export trade cooperation between China and Italy has continued to develop rapidly. In 2016, Italy has become China's third largest trading partner in the EU. In recent years, lighting equipment has been sought after by wholesalers, retailers and distributors, making the demand for small lighting equipment in Italy growing. In Italy and throughout Europe, the most popular applications for LED lighting are architectural lighting and commercial lighting. In these two areas, consumers generally actively choose LED lighting with relatively high price and superior quality.
As the largest application field in the LED lighting market in Europe, it is expected that the global LED building lighting market will reach 3.191 billion US dollars, accounting for 29% of the LED lighting market as a whole. In the global LED architectural lighting market, Europe's share is expected to reach 35%, about $1.12 billion. Italy has an important position in the entire lighting market in Europe. Many international lighting companies have also established subsidiaries in Italy, such as Philips, OSRAM, ThormLighting, Siteco and so on. In addition to lighting manufacturers, there are many professional lighting design companies and consulting companies in Italy, which provide special lighting design or consultation for roads, homes, shops, airports, stage and other places. It can be seen that the market potential of the Italian lighting industry is very huge. .

Range of exhibition
1. Lighting equipment: including advertising lighting, architectural lighting, indoor lighting, kitchen lighting, background lights, wall lights, dynamic light scattering lights, emergency lighting, etc.;
2, lighting bulbs: including reading bulbs, bedroom bulbs, wall lamp bulbs, neon lights, spotlights, outdoor lighting, etc.;
3, green and LED lighting: including all LEDs, energy-saving lighting Christmas lights, commercial lighting, decorative lighting;
4. Lighting technology and design: including energy management, energy quality testing services, lighting design services, lighting design software, lighting test systems, lighting technology, lighting control technology, logistics and traffic lighting, technical lighting applications and solutions, wireless lighting management System, etc.
5, lighting accessories and parts: including switches, transformers, reflectors, dimmers, bulb parts, light fixtures and so on. Professional lighting: indoor lighting, outdoor/street lighting, public place lighting, architectural lighting, advertising lighting, engineering lighting, factory lighting, industrial lighting, emergency lighting, solar lights;
6, decorative lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, crystal lamps, neon lights, stage, film, TV lighting and other lighting.