Outdoor And Tech Light Expo

- Nov 07, 2018-

Outdoor lighting Tech Light Expo

Time: 2018-10-26 to 2018-10-29

The Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo was held for the first time to facilitate developers, architects, garden designers, buyers, wholesalers and retailers to purchase suitable products and spare parts.

The Expo is located in the lighting industry's procurement season, and in conjunction with the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair, merged into a global one-stop lighting product trading platform.

Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo has four exhibition areas this year: outdoor lighting, lighting accessories and parts, professional and industrial lighting, advertising lighting.

exhibition criteria
Outdoor lighting: street lights, high pole lights, tunnel lights, underwater lights, garden lights, moisture-proof lights, flashlights and lanterns, related outdoor lighting. ;
Lighting accessories: related lighting accessories, lamp parts, such as LEDs, drives, ballasts, transformers, etc.;
Special lighting: industrial lighting, architectural lighting, security lights, stage lights. ;
Advertising signage: advertising display lights, advertising signs, displays, neon lights, entertainment lighting, optoelectronics and related products. ;