Moscow International Lighting And Lighting Technology Exhibition, Russia

- Oct 07, 2018-

Russia is the largest country in the world with a strong military and industrial base. Russia’s comprehensive economic strength has gradually increased, and the national comprehensive economic security index has improved. Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation and the capital of Moscow State. Moscow is Russia's political, economic, cultural, financial, transportation center and the largest comprehensive city. It is an international metropolis. The upstream entrance of Moscow and the Volga basin is connected to the river estuary. It is an extremely important transportation hub in Russia and even in Eurasia. It is also an important industrial manufacturing center, science and technology and education center in Russia.

According to Russian customs statistics, from January to July 2017, the import and export volume of Russian and Chinese goods was 45.84 billion US dollars, an increase of 36.4%. Among them, Russia’s exports to China were US$20.88 billion, up 38.5%, accounting for 10.8% of Russia’s total exports, up 0.9 percentage points; Russia’s imports from China were US$24.96 billion, up 34.8%, accounting for 20.6% of Russia’s total imports, up 1.1 percentage point. From January to July, Russia’s trade deficit with China was US$4.07 billion, up 18.5%. China is Russia’s largest source of deficit. As of July, China is Russia's second largest export market and the largest source of imports. .
At present, there are fewer lighting manufacturers in Russia, and the production capacity is relatively low. The technical development of products and the trend of styles can not meet the needs of the current Russian market. In the Russian lighting market, most of the high-quality and innovative lighting solutions are imported products, and in line with the implementation of the government's energy-saving plan, the market acceptance of energy-saving lighting products is also growing. As an emerging market for lighting, although the various mechanisms in the Russian market are not very mature and perfect, there are relatively many opportunities, which is very suitable for the development of China's emerging lighting export enterprises.

Belt and Road

1. Chandeliers and crystal lamps, emergency lights and safety signs, floodlights and lighting systems, special energy supply lamps;
2. Floodlights, underwater floodlights, recessed lights, stage cinema lights, home lighting systems, office lighting systems, installation technology and systems;
3, various spotlights and spotlights, street lights and traffic lights, other outdoor lights, fluorescent lights, energy-saving lamps, halogen incandescent lamps, discharge lamps, etc.;
4, chandeliers and crystal lamp accessories, copper fittings and die castings, electronic components;
5. Dimming lamps, transformers for halogen lamps, ballasts for halogen lamps, ballasts for fluorescent lamps, ballasts for discharge lamps;
6, starter, switch and socket, wire and terminal, etc.;
7, intelligent lighting systems, plating materials, optical measuring instruments, lighting design software.