Milan International Lighting Exhibition, Italy

- Aug 20, 2018-

The Italian International Lighting Fair (Euroluce, held in odd years) is Italy's top lighting exhibition, and Milan International Furniture Fair and Milan Design Week, the world's leading exhibition of furniture and home design, with its great design, excellent layout, and turbulence. The group of people is known as the world's first furniture and decoration event. It is a design pilgrimage site for furniture, home, architecture, clothing, accessories, lamps and design professionals all over the world.

At present, the Milan Furniture Fair is held every April, including the annual home furniture exhibition and decoration exhibition. The biennial lighting exhibition is held in odd years, while the kitchen furniture exhibition and office furniture exhibition are even. Held annually. The Milan International Furniture Semi-finished Products and Accessories Fair (Sasmil) is held every May. It was founded in 1969 and was taken over by COSMIT in 1989, making furniture production and home decoration a collaborative exhibition system. It is worth mentioning that the SaloneSatellite, which appeared in 1998, provides a broad stage for the design field, showing its avant-garde design works to young people who are young, and has become a young designer in the field of design. Furnace. The same is true of the fact that more and more designs were first introduced in the salon showroom, and a large part of them later became the products of the standard production lines of large companies.

With the increase of long-term contracts between enterprises and young designers, this “experimental field” has gradually matured and been widely recognized, attracting more and more attention from international mainstream media. While Chinese furniture designers are visiting the Milan International Furniture Fair, they should spend more time watching the design activities of "Milan Design Week"! At the Milan Furniture Fair: not only the furniture, home furnishing industry, but also many interior, space design and architecture designers... In this large pavilion, people can not only see the latest trends in furniture and accessories. In the space of materials, the way of display, the form of architecture, there is a very high value, some of the world's top architects, designers and design of home furnishings are displayed on this stage, almost every architect is at home There are great achievements in decoration and residence. Being immersed in the face of the tide of visitors, you will thoroughly feel the new round of fashion trends that will be staged in the home market of each country.

Range of exhibition 

1. Lighting category: dining chandelier, modern lamp, classical lamp, low voltage lamp, candle lamp, wrought iron lamp, rattan lamp, engineering lamp, LED, crystal lamp, all kinds of lighting accessories, hardware accessories, flood light, ceiling lamp , low-voltage lanterns, halogen lighting for office lighting, dimmers, etc.

2. Furniture: all kinds of furniture for bedroom, living room, all kinds of bed, wardrobe, lobby furniture, children's furniture, special purpose furniture (such as CD rack, marble furniture, glass furniture, shoe rack, audio rack ), all kinds of tables and chairs, rattan furniture, upholstered furniture, all kinds of furniture related services, media, interior design, home decoration, soft decoration design, etc.