Madrid Power Electronics And Lighting Products Exhibition, Spain

- Nov 09, 2018-

Address: Feria de Madrid Avda. del Partenón, 5 28042 Madrid España

Exhibition time: Nov 13-Nov 16


In the Spanish lighting market, specialized lighting stores account for 30% of the total, 20% of large stores, 10% of large shopping areas selling middle and low-end products, and 10% of decoration companies. Chinese products go deep into the Spanish market, and the products cover all kinds of basic lamps, such as ceiling lamps, home floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps, etc., and the price is 40% cheaper than Spanish or EU products.

Since the first session of MATELEC in 1982, it has been successfully held for 17 sessions. The number of merchants in the last exhibition reached 1040, and the audience reached 72,164. There are 118 lighting exhibitors participating in this exhibition, including 65 Chinese exhibitors, accounting for more than half. Exhibitors mainly focus on Spain, as well as Germany, the Netherlands, China and other regions. Buyers mainly come from various cities in Spain, Portugal, Western European countries, North Africa, Latin America and so on. By setting up different exhibition areas, organizing technical seminars and opening them only to professional visitors, 2014MATELEC will gather the most representative companies and professionals in power, electronic components and lighting. Showcase the latest in electronics and lighting technology. The exhibition's organizer, IFEMA's official exhibition organization of Spain's strength, under its careful planning and vigorous promotion, the exhibition has greatly improved in scale and exhibition effect, and this market-competitive emerging industry is international. The development of the market is of great

Exhibition criteria

Chandeliers and crystal lamps, crystal lamp accessories, recessed lamps, various spotlights and spotlights LED lights, energy-saving lamps, halogen incandescent lamps, emergency lights and safety signs; home lighting, office lighting, stage cinema lights, searchlights, intelligent lighting System outdoor lighting, garden lighting; other light source products, ballasts, wires and terminals, switches and sockets, plating materials, electronic components, other lighting accessories.