Lyon International Lighting Fair, France

- May 01, 2018-

The annual French LumiBat is the largest indoor lighting exhibition in France. It has been held for 16 times and is held in parallel with the biennial outdoor lighting exhibition (LumiVille).

The previous LumiBat exhibition covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, attracting more than 120 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and the Americas, and attracting more than 7,000 professional visitors from various countries and regions. In order to enhance the international popularity of the exhibition, the organizers of the exhibition have established friendly and cooperative relations with many overseas media. In 2014, 35 lighting-themed seminars were held concurrently with the exhibition, with no less than 500 exhibitors.

It is believed that the exhibition will become the flourishing world trade fair for lighting and lighting. Participating in the exhibition will help enhance the competitiveness of China's domestic lighting companies' products in the European market, expand brand promotion, and achieve fruitful trade results.

Market analysis

As the second largest city in France, Lyon has always been famous for its beautiful urban lighting. It is also the lighting center of Europe. Its urban lighting management and lighting technology have always been the world leader. According to statistics from the Eurostat, in January-March, Sino-French bilateral import and export volume was US$12.62 billion, and France imported US$7.99 billion from China, accounting for 4.7% of total French imports. Mechanical and electrical products, mineral products and transportation equipment are the top three categories of goods imported by France. The friendly trade relations between China and France have provided a good environment for Chinese exhibitors to go abroad.

Range of exhibition 

1. Environmental protection lighting: energy-saving lamps, solar lighting;

2, festival lighting categories: fiber optic lights, gift lights, key ring lights, LED lights, Christmas lights, decorative lighting, neon lights, pen lights, toy lights;

3, outdoor lighting categories: moisture-proof lamps, flashlights, floodlights, garden lights, high pole lights, grass lamps, public places lighting, stadium lighting, street lighting, etc.;

4, lighting accessories: ballasts, dimming urns, lamp holders, lamp holders, lampshades, lighting accessories, lighting components, lighting equipment, reflectors, switches, sockets, etc.;

5, outdoor lighting categories: bubble and lamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier, crystal lamp, recessed lamp, floor lamp, light pipe, quartz lamp, kitchen lighting, modern lamp, wall lamp, etc.;

6. Others: table lamps, book lamps, reading lamps, integrated products, lighting systems, lighting technology, quality consulting/management services, quality verification services, trade associations, related services and publications.