London International Lighting Exhibition

- Oct 07, 2018-

LUX LIVE 2018 /Lightspace 2018 The UK Lighting and Holistic Space Lighting Show is Europe's leading professional and largest event for the lighting and ambient lighting industry. The UK Lighting Fair is the only place where you have the opportunity to work with more than 23,000 very professionals, important industry buyers and the most influential visitors in the same place.

Professional organizer: The show is hosted by the US PennWell Group. PennWell, the world's leading organizer and publisher in the energy industry, has built the UK Lighting Show as the premier industry event in the region with its vast experience and expertise. For companies that manufacture lighting industry products and service offerings, LUXLIVE offers a platform and opportunity to showcase.

Excellent service: LUXLIVE and LIGHT SPACE's UK Lighting Fair is the industry's newest and most advanced technology and solutions exhibition, providing companies with a quality exhibiting experience and a high quality audience.

Quality Lectures: Exhibitors and buyers pay a lot of attention to more than 150 international industry experts participating in more than 60 hours of free lectures, group discussions and presentations in seven dedicated conference rooms, of which Lux Arena is co-organized with CREE Every lecture was packed. At the show, you can see the global market leader in the lighting industry: CREE, ABB, PHILIPS, OSRAM, SAMSUNG, Projection, Cooper, Megaman, Glamox, Arrow, Osram, EldoLED, Kosnic, PhotonStar, Abacus, Thorlux, Thomas & Betts, Philips Lumileds and NVC, etc.

Range of exhibition
1. All kinds of electric light source products, all kinds of lighting electrical accessories, dimming control equipment and various types of light control devices, all kinds of supporting components and parts;

2, all kinds of lighting products raw materials, professional testing equipment, LED commercial lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting;

3, LED lighting, solar lighting, environmental lighting, urban energy-saving lighting, energy-saving lamps, lighting accessories and switches, lighting control systems;

4. Installation technology and protection system, electronic components for lighting products; electrical switches, wire and cable and building automation equipment;

5, ceiling chandeliers, wall lamps, chandeliers, downlights, ceiling lamps, energy-saving lamps, table lamps LED commercial lighting, spotlights, halogen lamps, photographic lamps, stage lamps and new lamps;

6, garden greening lamps, city landscape lamps, street lamps;

7, garden lights, solar lights, advertising lamps and holiday decorations, etc.;

8. Emergency, indicator lights, explosion-proof lights, miner's lamps;

9. Road lamps, military lamps, docks, bridges and tunnel lamps.