Led Not Only Change Also The Challenge

- Sep 13, 2018-

Although LED lighting has been developed for 15 years, many of the advantages of LED lighting have not been fully exploited in product development and application. The current lighting fixtures are still a tangible product. In addition to the appearance of the lamps that appear as decorative, there are requirements for the appearance. In more applications, we are pursuing light, integration with the environment, integration with architecture, seeing no light, lighting The highest level of application is also the pursuit of lighting designers.

The current lighting industry: facing economic restructuring, falling demand, facing foreign trade wars, increased risks, increased competition, and worsening business environment. However, the lighting industry is also facing opportunities for development. The development of technology has laid the foundation for people to provide a better and healthier light environment, and the improvement of living standards has provided conditions for people to adopt higher-tech products.

The glamour of the lighting industry is that market demand is always changing, and change is an opportunity for all practitioners. Grasping opportunities and seizing opportunities is the key to enterprise development.