LED Driver Features

- Jun 07, 2018-

According to the power grid rules and the characteristics of LED drive power requirements, in the selection and design of LED drive power to take into account the following:

1.High reliability: Particularly like LED street lamp driving power, installed in the sky, maintenance difficult, expensive.

2. High efficiency: Led luminous efficiency decreases with the temperature rise, so the heat dissipation is very important.

Especially the power supply is installed in the lamp LED is energy-saving products, drive the power of high efficiency, low power consumption, lamps and lanterns in the small heat, conducive to reducing the temperature rise of lamps. Delay LED light decay. 

3. High power factor: power factor is the demand of power grid to load. General 70 Watts below the electric device, there is no mandatory indicator. Although the power of a small single use of electrical power factor low on the power grid, but at night everyone lighting, similar load too concentrated, will produce more serious pollution of the grid. For the 30 Watts ~40 Watt LED drive power, it is said that in the near future, may have a certain index requirements for power factors.