Helsinki International Lighting Fair, Finland

- Aug 29, 2018-

Exhibition introduction
To date, the Finnish International Lighting Fair has been successfully held in conjunction with Finland's largest furniture and interior design fair for seven years, with a total area of 11,669 square meters. The exhibition is an annual industry event for lighting manufacturers, agents, distributors, buyers, designers and architects in Finland. It is also a must for exhibitors to release new products. The Finnish International Lighting Fair is annual. Partners include the Finnish Electrical Association and the Finnish Lighting Engineering Society. There are 16,378 professional visitors, 36% of which are architects, 11% retailers or buyers, 16% are manufacturers or importers, 7% are real estate developers, 11% are students, 18% are other professional.
The last Finnish International Lighting Fair attracted many internationally renowned brands such as Philips, Osram and Ensto. This exhibition is dedicated to importers looking for quality international suppliers, bulk buyers. , procurement managers, home and architectural designers provide a professional merchandising platform. At the same time, it also opened the door for international exhibitors to explore the Nordic lighting market.

Market analysis
Finland is located in the north of Europe, bordering Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, Russia to the east, and the Baltic Sea to the southwest. It is a Nordic country with a population of 5 million and is one of the most competitive countries in the world. In the field of lighting, Finland is also a pioneer on the European continent. Finland's lighting has a rich history of lighting. The first factory in Europe to use incandescent lamps is the second largest city in Finland, Tampere. With the continuous advancement of technology and the upgrading of industries, the Finnish lighting industry has been accelerated. development of. The well-known local company is Helvar, which specializes in the production of ballasts and lighting control equipment such as sensors, dimmers, controllers, and international large-scale electrical equipment groups. Ensto, its lighting department mainly manufactures lamps, light sources, monitoring and control systems for indoor and outdoor lighting.
In addition, numerous international lighting companies have established subsidiaries in Finland, such as Philips, OSRAM, ThormLighting, Siteco and more. In addition to lighting manufacturers, Finland also has a number of professional lighting design companies and consulting companies to provide specialized lighting design or advice for roads, homes, shops, airports, stage and other places.
In Finland and throughout Europe, the most popular applications for LED lighting are architectural and commercial lighting. In these two areas, consumers generally actively choose LED lighting at a relatively high price. In terms of the price of lamps, even a single chandelier, even a lamp made of PVC material, costs tens of dollars, and the local retail price can be sold for several thousand. In terms of wholesale prices, it is generally 10 times that of China, and retail prices are dozens of times or even 100 times. Many lighting products are designed locally and then sent to China for manufacturing and then for export sales.
In terms of buying habits, local consumers pay more attention to lighting design, and simple style lamps are popular, including chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps and so on. Since many local rooms are rented, movable lamps such as table lamps and wall lamps are more popular. The importance of the Chinese market and Chinese companies to Finland is increasing, and the cooperation between China and Finland is diversified, and mutual investment between the two sides is increasing. The Finnish government encourages its companies to further cooperate with Chinese companies in the areas of manufacturing, R&D and specialization services, contribute to China's economic development, and strive to create a better business and investment environment and improve policy stability and transparency. Encourage Chinese companies to invest in Finland.

Range of exhibition
1, lighting equipment: including advertising lighting, architectural lighting, indoor lighting, kitchen lighting, backlights, wall lights, Christmas lights, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, neon lights, spotlights, dynamic light scattering lights, emergency lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. ;
2, lighting bulbs: including reading bulbs, bedroom bulbs, wall lamp bulbs and other lighting bulbs;
3, green and LED lighting: including all LEDs, energy-saving lighting;
4. Lighting technology/design/services, including energy management, energy quality testing services, lighting design services, lighting design software, lighting test systems, lighting technology, lighting control technology, logistics and traffic lighting, technical lighting applications and solutions, Wireless lighting management system, etc.;
5, lighting accessories and parts: including switches, transformers, reflectors, dimmers, bulb parts, light fixtures and so on.