First Online Carton Fair

- Apr 29, 2020-

As the covid-19 spreading all over the world, our country promotes the implementation of the first online Canton Fair, which mainly includes the following three parts

01 Online display docking platform

The export exhibition is divided into 16 categories of commodities according to electronic home appliances, daily consumer goods, textiles and clothing, medicine and health care, and 50 exhibition areas are set up;

The six major themes of electronic appliances, building materials and hardware will be set up in the import exhibition, and all exhibits will be online at the same time.

02 Cross-border E-commerce Zone

It mainly includes two parts: one is to set up the topic of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, publicize the work of each comprehensive pilot zone, and introduce a batch of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises.

The second is to select a batch of cross-border e-commerce platforms to highlight the characteristics of the "business-to-business" trade show.

03Provide live marketing services

Establish online live broadcast columns and links, and set up a 10 × 24 hour online live broadcast room for each exhibitor.

This live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. The company can not only conduct face-to-face negotiations with customers online, but also publicize and promote a large number of merchants at the same time through online broadcast.