Essen International Lighting Technology Exhibition

- Sep 04, 2018-

An extremely important exhibition in the lighting electronics industry

LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY is a professional lighting technology system, LED electronic accessories and equipment exhibition in Germany. Untitled exhibitions gmbh, a well-known German exhibition company, began to promote the Essen Lighting Electronics Technology Exhibition in Germany in October 2018. Here you will be exposed to a professional target group of senior engineers, company decision makers, wholesalers and retailers to ensure that you showcase your products on the highest-end platforms and have a more direct understanding of the latest trends and state-of-the-art technology. .

High-quality communication platform: The exhibition is located in Essen, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of western Germany. The region is the driving force for the development of the German lighting industry. The German Lighting Information Exhibition is like a gathering of Germany and even Europe. The latest technology forum for lighting. Exhibitors from both Germany and abroad can easily participate in the show, whether by car, train, or airplane.

Efficient cooperative trade platform: For the Essen Lighting Electronics Show in Germany, high efficiency is not an empty slogan. The show can provide more opportunities for your trade, longer talk time and greater efficiency. The audience of the exhibition: lighting developers, technical designers, corporate decision makers, lighting industry technicians and procurement personnel, wholesalers and retailers and other professional target customer groups.

Professionalism: There are many experts and scholars at the exhibition site. They will discuss the latest lighting industry technology on site, exchange the latest key industry technology transfer, and will discuss cooperation and their most exact procurement needs. The exhibition is held between manufacturers of a range of components that need to be used in lighting products and lighting systems, and designers, developers and technology buyers in the lighting industry, with a combination of international exhibitions and seminars, Germany Sen Lighting Electronics Technology Show will be the interface between all participating production phases.

Range of exhibition
1. Control device: power supply, electronic ballast, constant current source, transformer, operating equipment, control device, dimmer indicator light; development and testing services, lighting system development services, light simulation software, ray tracing procedures, etc. ;

2, semiconductor lighting: LED, assembled LED, OLED, laser diode, LED module, LED strip, three primary colors and four primary color LED, UV LED;

3. Traditional lighting: discharge lamp, induction lamp, plasma lamp, halogen lamp, bulb;

4, daylight control: control panel, operating system, switch, control building system technology;