Cityscape Lighting Is The Biggest Highlight Of The Industry

- Sep 13, 2018-

From Hangzhou G20 to Xiamen BRIC Summit to Qingdao Shanghe Summit, urban landscape lighting played a pivotal role. After the outbreak of 2017, urban landscape lighting continued to flourish in the first half of 2018. Beautifying the city, developing the night travel economy to increase income, improving the happiness, sense of acquisition, and security of urban residents, the economic value and social value of urban landscape lighting are constantly being explored.


The demonstration effect of urban landscape lighting in international large-scale events has also attracted the attention of governments at all levels. Urban landscape lighting is being carried out from central cities to second- and third-tier cities. The development of characteristic towns and beautiful villages will also promote the development of landscape lighting.


The development of urban landscape lighting has driven the professional design, construction and outdoor manufacturers' performance improvement in the lighting industry, which has become an important growth point for the lighting industry in the context of the big environmental downturn.
In the process of urban night lighting, there are also some problems that need to be paid attention to, such as light pollution, over-brightness, over-shadowing, too much color, too strong dynamics and so on. Recently, there are different voices for urban night lighting inside and outside the industry, and even more radical.


The current situation of urban night lighting should be viewed from both urban needs and industrial development. First of all, we must understand who the city night lighting is for, and it must conform to the national conditions and culture. Secondly, the pursuit of efficiency by the enterprise is justified. Due to the development of the LED lighting industry, urban landscape lighting has a new form of expression. At this stage, it can be said that it is the primary stage of urban landscape lighting. As a company, it must first adapt and adapt to the market and gradually guide the market. In the future, we will also look for market hotspots and create markets.

Starting from the general rules, strengthening the design and avoiding the above problems are the key to ensuring the healthy development of urban landscape lighting.

Different opinions and opinions are good for the development of urban landscape lighting, but it is not desirable to make constructive opinions and jointly promote the development of urban landscape lighting. It is not advisable to oppose and even attack in vulgar language.

There are also problems that need to be paid attention to in the development of landscape lighting. For example, the risk of controlling funds is very common, and the construction is very common. Focus on construction quality, strict quality control, short construction period, product quality and construction quality leave hidden dangers; Starting from itself, avoiding disorderly competition; strengthening follow-up operations and maintaining team building, accumulating experience in the process of undertaking maintenance, preparing for the development of the industry

It is the duty of every lighting person to ensure the sustainable development of urban night lighting and to promote the progress and development of the lighting industry.