Bangkok International Lighting Exhibition, Thailand

- Aug 29, 2018-

Exhibition introduction
One of the most professional lighting exhibitions in Thailand
Thailand International Lighting Exhibition is the most influential international professional lighting exhibition in Thailand. It is hosted by the Thai Local Power Authority (PEA), which is part of the Thai government. The partner is the world-famous exhibition group Messe Frankfurt. With the excellent exhibition and spectator resources of the International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, and other international lighting exhibitions, together with the close ties between local and overseas partners, the organizers will work together to create a world-class annual event. Qili builds the preferred business platform in Thailand. All the important decision makers in Thailand gathered together. Therefore, if you and your company are mainly concerned about the Thai lighting market, then Thailand Lighting Show is your right choice. The Thailand International Lighting Exhibition represents the latest industry trends. Here are all the new products and concepts that are relevant – this is the perfect place to show your creativity. The exhibition will attract exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to create unlimited business opportunities and establish endless business contacts.

Market analysis
Thailand is an important economy in Asia and a member of ASEAN. The Wall Street Journal ranks it as the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, second only to Indonesia. With the strong growth of the Thai economy, the construction and renovation of stadiums, municipal squares, roads, airports, campuses, supermarkets, banks, etc. are in full swing, and Thailand has great demand for LED lighting equipment. Thailand's GDP has continued to grow in recent years. However, Thailand's industrial base is weak and most industrial products need to be imported. China is one of Thailand's important importing countries and is on an increasing trend year by year. Lighting and LED imports are an important part.
According to statistics from the Thai Customs, the import and export volume of Thai goods in January-May 2016 was US$163.59 billion. Among them, exports were 86.47 billion US dollars; imports were 77.13 billion US dollars. The trade surplus was 9.34 billion US dollars, an increase of 323.2%. In the month of May, the import and export of Thai goods was US$33.20 billion, an increase of 0.1%. Among them, exports were 17.24 billion US dollars; imports were 15.96 billion US dollars, up 2.8%. The trade surplus was 1.28 billion US dollars. From January to May 2016, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Thailand and China was US$25.43 billion. Among them, Thailand's exports to China were 8.75 billion US dollars, accounting for 10.1% of Thailand's total exports; imports from China were 16.68 billion US dollars, up 3.1%, accounting for 21.6% of Thailand's total imports. The trade deficit of the Thai side was 7.94 billion US dollars, an increase of 17.4%. As of May, China is Thailand's second largest export market and the largest source of imports.

Range of exhibition
1. Commercial and decorative lighting, LED and green lighting, technical lighting auxiliary equipment, outdoor lighting, street lighting, decorative lighting and electronic components, LED production and inspection equipment, LED raw materials, LED drivers, LED controllers, etc.;
2. Renewable energy and photovoltaic systems;
3. Intelligent lighting building solutions and building automation.