Bangkok International Energy Saving Lamp Exhibition

- Oct 07, 2018-

Market analysis

Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered a newly industrialized country. Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, second only to Indonesia. In terms of foreign trade, it is also ranked second in Southeast Asia, next to Singapore. Industry and services are the two main sectors of the country's gross domestic product, with the former accounting for 39.2% of the total. As an emerging market, Thailand is a must for every LED industry leader. The Thai LED market accounts for 12% of the entire lighting market. According to the Thai government, the market size of LEDs is expected to reach 2.55 billion US dollars, and will reach a growth rate of 30% from 2015 to 2020. At present, Thailand has also begun to cooperate with China, and some goods can be exported to Thailand to achieve zero tariffs. Thailand is affected by the floods, is currently in the period of rebuilding its homeland, and has two major demands for lighting appliances, building materials and other products. China's LED lighting companies can consider opening up to the Thai market and alleviating the inventory pressure on the domestic market. Regarding the lighting project, Thailand stated that if China can obtain the certificate of domestic origin and the LED lighting products exported to Thailand, zero-tariff preferential treatment can be implemented, but the quality requirements are subject to the certification system of Thailand, Thailand. This measure means that China's LED products can completely open up the market in Southeast Asia. In recent years, China's LED packaging capabilities have improved rapidly, and the package varieties are relatively complete. Compared with the epitaxial and chip industries, China's LED packaging industry is the most competitive, the largest scale, and the technical level is also close to the international advanced level. Chinese companies entering ASEAN enjoy zero tariffs, and Thailand, as an important member of ASEAN, is the first choice for Chinese companies to explore the ASEAN market. The Bangkok International LED Lighting Products and Technology Show in Thailand provides a platform for the LED lighting industry to showcase new technologies and information exchange.

Range of exhibition

1. LED lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting, automotive LED lighting and other new light sources and energy-saving lighting products;
2. LED accessories, LED control systems, LED building products, LED manufacturing equipment and test equipment, new light source application accessories, new light source management, design and technology;
3. LED display, LED signboard, LED advertising light source, LED original;
4. Accessories and raw materials, LED packaging and supporting materials, LED drivers and power supplies, LED backlights, LED chips, etc.264085.jpg