2018 Zhejiang (Hangzhou) International Lighting & LED Exhibition

- Nov 14, 2018-

exhibition criteria

    ●Outdoor lighting: square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, building floodlighting, stadium lighting, garden lighting, guardrail lights, wall washers, fiber optic lights, moisture-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps, etc.
    ● City lighting: landscape lighting, lighting engineering equipment, intelligent control and distribution systems, exterior laser technology products, etc.
    ●Lighting and lighting: road lighting. Garden and landscape lights. Solar lighting. Interior lighting. Flashlight. Building lighting. Industrial lighting. Projection light. Induction lamp. Built-in lamp. Marine lamp. Special lamps. Underwater lamps. Emergency lighting, etc.;
   ● LED lighting: LED outdoor / indoor lighting (fluorescent lamps. Bulbs. Spotlights. Line lights. Street lights, etc.). High-power LED lighting. LED display. Monochrome. Dual primary color display. Module module. Traffic lights LED traffic signs, drive and control systems, etc.
   ●LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: dispensing machine, glue filling machine, placement machine, solid crystal machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, winding machine, color separation / spectrometer, spectrum detection instrument, laser equipment, moisture proof cabinet. Automated production equipment such as purification equipment;
   ●LED package: epitaxial and chip. Package technology. Package glue. Diode. SMD LED. High power LED. Dot matrix module. Silicone. Aluminum substrate. Bracket. IC. Capacitance resistor. LED / OLED other applications and technologies;
   ●LED advertising light source series: luminous word. light box. patch module. LED light bar. guardrail tube. neon light. controller, etc.;
   ● Energy-saving lamp series products: high-power searchlights. T5/T8/ T10L. Wall lamps. Metal halide lamps. Spiral energy-saving lamps;
   ●Electric light source products: new general lighting bulbs. Halogen tungsten bulbs. Energy-saving bulbs. Fluorescent lamps. Lamps. Various types of radiation sources;
   ●Professional lighting and supporting equipment: neon lights, stage, film, TV lighting, dimming control equipment and various types of light control devices;
   ●Lighting electrical components. Parts: electronic components. Terminals. Switch. LED power supply. Optical lens. Radiator, trigger. Controller. Electronic ballast. Insulation material. Lamp housing. Light pole. Lamp arm. Shade Lamp holder, lamp holder, etc.
   ●LED technology applications: indoor and outdoor large screen, LED digital display, outdoor advertising system, LED advertising signs, signs, stereo letters, lighting modules, LED dot matrix graphic display, LED backlight and application, LED neon Rainbow, LED landscape lighting, LED video display, etc.;