T8 LED Tube Driver

18W 240mA led tube driver
Non isolated
End cap type
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Product Details

Ottima is professional in led driver since 2006, we fouce on constant voltage led driver, constact current led driver, triac/phase cut/dali /0-10V dimmable driver, also the T8 tube driver indoor use

Model No.



Non isolate

Input voltage


Output Voltage


Output Current


Output Power


Power Factor



85% ~ 88%




T5, T8, T10 led tube light


3 years warranty


Over-heat, over-load, short-circuit & open-circuit protection

Feature: Wide working voltage range, output voltage and current can be adjusted within the range, suitable for LED tube of various models in the field of lighting

How to choose LED tube driver?

Non isolated and isolated type

End cap and long type

EMC pass or not pass

THDi requirement, less than 20%, less than 15%, less than 10%, less than 5%

Flicker free or flicker type

Output voltage and output current can be adjusted according to customer’s need.

User Needing Attention

1 On the correct understanding of the product indicated on the input (l, n), output (LED+,LED-).

2. Native in the circuit during normal working time will have a DC voltage up to 400V or more, far beyond the scope of security, testing and installation, please pay attention to personal and equipment safety

3 In order to prevent safety isolation of the tester AC voltage connected to the LED power supply, while also bearing in mind that the HV power supply components, if not sure do not touch and measured

4 In order to prevent the tester's physical security, power at the beginning of grid test, be sure to first switch off the mains before operating to prohibit live line work

5 Mount the lamp does not light up after lamp, be sure to confirm the connection again after a power failure when the firm, and troubleshoot connection problems, please send the product back to the company. do not install unauthorized repair of the company's products

6 This product belongs to semi-finished products, PCB is exposed directly, do not bend, do not fall, do not accumulate

7. The General LED lighting power supply is mainly used, if applied in special locations and requirements please contact our company.