Constant Curent Led Tube Driver

Constant Curent Led Tube Driver

18W 480mA Constant Current Led Driver
T8 Tube Driver
Open Frame
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Product Details

Constant current Open frame Led tube driver for T5 T8 led power supply


100% brand new and high quality


Output Power: 18w

Input Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

Output voltage: DC30-42V

Output Current: 420mA when ordering, Please tell me how much you need mA.

Protection: overload / overvoltage / overcurrent protection

Dimension: 215*16.5*10(H)mm

Weight: Approx 22g

Easy and convenient to use

Safety information:

Supply voltage of this product is AC100-240V .

Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit

Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram

Warranty of this product is 3 year, in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing with no charge, but exclude the artificial situation of damage.