20w T8 Led Tube Power Supply

20w T8 Led Tube Power Supply

20W 300mA LED Driver
T8 Tube LED Driver
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Our Factory

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China. Our factory covers 4,300 square meters and we own 150 workers utilizing 10 production lines. We have 8 R&D staffs with more than 10 years experience in Led Driver. There are advanced production and testing equipments in our factory,such as wave soldering machine,automatic aging test equipment, SMT machine, laser print machine and EMC test machine, etc. We strictly carry out ISO9001 quality managements system standard to ensure our good quality.

In nearby Meizhou city, we own another assenbly factory. 

In Zhengzhou and Foshan city, we have branch office for sale.

18WOTM-T80240-DA85-265Vac30-802400.685% ~ 88%28.5*18.5*13
18WOTM-T80240-DB85-265Vac30-802400.985% ~ 88%30*19.5*12
18WOTM-T8024085-265Vac30-802400.685% ~ 88%57*15*10.5
18WOTM-T8026085-265Vac30-802600.985% ~ 88%67*14*10.5
24wOTM-T80030085-265Vac30-803000.985% ~ 88%91*15*12
24wOTM-T80260-CE85-265Vac50-802600.985% ~ 88%140*17*10.5
36WOTM-T80450-CE85-265Vac50-804500.985% ~ 88%180*16.5*10.5