80w Constant Current Led Bulb Driver

80w Constant Current Led Bulb Driver

80W 2400mA Constant Current Led Driver
Led Bulb Driver
Open Frame
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80w Constant Current Led Bulb Driver open frame without housing 2400mA for led bulb

1, Led Driver: 80W

2, Input Voltage: AC 85V-277V, 50Hz/60Hz

3, Output Current: 2400mA

4, Case Material: Open Frame

5, Waterproof :Open Frame

6, Power Factor: >0.95

7, Size: 124*36*25L*W*H)

8, Usage: Used for 80W LED light

9, Over-voltage, short circuit, over-load protection

10, Constant output, stable power and long life

Input / output port connected to a wire;

Suitable for indoor LED lighting applications;

Comply with safety regulations for lighting.

Working temperature: -20 ~ 60

Applications: dual light panel lights, dual light source lamp and other