7w Open Frame Led Bulb Driver

7w Open Frame Led Bulb Driver

4-7W led bulb driver
High PF
Open frame
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Product Details

Electrical specifications at 25°C

  • Apply to LED bulb

  • Input voltage range: 85 to 265V AC

  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

  • Power factor: >0.9 at full load 120V AC/230V AC

  • Inrush current: <10A at 25°C, 230V, cold start, max load

  • Input current: 0.13A at 120Vac, 60Hz, maximum load

  • Efficiency: 85%typical at 120Vac 60Hz, 230V AC 50Hz

  • Output Voltage:25-40V

  • Output Current:300mA

  • Maximum output power:7W

  • Constant current regulation: ±1% over input line variation

  • Load regulation accuracy: ±3%

Safety and compliance:

   1. EN61347 safely compliant
   2. FCC, 47CFR part 15 class B compliant
   3. Dry location and with insulating material
   4. Compact, lightweight and environmental-friendly design
   5. Safety isolation between primary and secondary
   6. Meets EN55015 and EN61547, EN6100-3-2 and EN6100-3-3 class C
   7. Protection: output over-voltage, output over-current, output short circuit, auto-recovery