3W Led Bulb Driver

3W Led Bulb Driver

3W LED bulb driver
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Power:Small 3W led bulb driver

Output current:280mA

Output voltage:3-12V


Q & A

Isn’t a constant-current driver similar to a resistor?

Yes, in that they both regulate current. However, if you use a resistor, the current will slowly continue to

rise over time. Constant-current drivers are preferable because they are more consistent, efficient, and

flexible, especially for high-power LEDs.

Can a driver operate more than one LED fixture?

In some cases, an external driver can operate more than one light fixture. A driver’s datasheet should

always specify how many fixtures it can operate.

What are the differences between TRIAC, Trailing Edge, and 1-10v Dimmers?

TRIAC is the most commonly used and cheapest dimmer. However, they generate undesirable amounts

of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Trailing Edge (Reverse Phase or ELV) dimmers generate much lower amounts of EMI, but they are more

expensive than TRIAC dimmers. Also, in the U.S., most Trailing Edge dimmers require that a neutral wire

be run to the dimmer.

0-10V dimmers use low-voltage control wires to dim. This usually means that an extra pair of wires must

be connected to every driver the dimming module operates.