Why should you choose eagle eye LEDs for your car

- Oct 07, 2018-

Every now and then it’s helpful to have lighting pointed downward or to the side of your car as you drive in the dark. This might be for rock lighting or even trail lighting. Miniature LEDs provide a huge array of attractive options at your disposal.

Eagle eye LEDs have become extremely popular these days. These are available from numerous suppliers in multiple colors. The Xenon white LEDs from Amazon have a lens diameter just over 1/2-inch and throw a wide beam of light.

What is eagle eye LED?

Eagle eye LEDs are lights that can be mounted just about anywhere in your car since they are very compact. You can as well mount it in sideview mirrors. Also, they can be easily mounted in the plastic mirror housing. If you already have mirrors that regulate electrically, there are almost certainly already holes for steering wires into your doors. Or else, you might have to search for a way to run the wires through the mirror mount into your door body.

These compact LEDs are housed in a black-anodized aluminum body with a wire pigtail for power connection. These mount through a 7/16-inch hole and are held in place with a hex nut.

Why should you choose eagle eye LEDs for your car

The small bubble lens in front throws a moderately wide pattern and every LED uses a meager 0.12 amps. Relays are not essential for switching and these lights draw extremely little current they could maybe be added to most any other existing lighting circuit without alteration

You can mount each LED in a sideview mirror, where it fit within the plastic housing behind the actual adjustable mirror piece without any difficulty. You may as well see other uses for these little bulkhead-mount lights. They will in handy for rock lights or backup lights where you may only have a small surface area for mounting but desire a solid bright light.