Why does the power supply have a flicker problem in the system of the supporting customer?

- Dec 29, 2018-

A: First of all, to confirm whether the power supply is working properly, such as the power supply is working properly or there is flickering phenomenon, it is necessary to find the problem in the power supply and system signal voltage transmission (first: our three-in-one power signal line has 10v The voltage output) and the customer's system also have a 10v signal voltage output that conflicts with the power supply voltage signal! So it causes flicker; under normal circumstances, the above will not be flashing, but it can't be extinguished when it is 0v! If the customer's system or dimmer has 10v voltage signal output! When the customer asks 0v, the light should be extinguished. Don't be nervous when encountering such a situation. Just change the signal line of the power supply to no voltage output, which will solve the above problem perfectly! (Note: 0-10v lighting control system or dimming panel, there are two mainstream dimming methods:
1, sink current control mode (no need to have voltage output on the power signal line, when the system gives the voltage signal power supply can work (operation dimming);
2, pumping current control mode (the system has no voltage signal output, the power module signal line has a voltage signal supply system, the system sends a signal command to achieve dimming, when not dimming can be used as an ordinary power supply!)