Why DALI Dimmable Driver is so Powerful

- Sep 17, 2018-

DALI is the abbreviation for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” which is illumination control communication protocol opened in the world. DALI is a special protocol for lighting control. Nowadays DALI protocol is IEC-62386. Why DALI dimmable driver is becoming more and more popular? DALI can support the interval or partial illumination control. You can use infrared remote controller or software control, or use a simple configuration tool to control the group. What’s more, DALI dimmable driver can be widely used in many places.

DALI dimmable driver can be used in small-size and open offices. The users control the lighting freely by themselves. A nice office environment which controls by adjusting the brightness and light intensity improves the employees’ work efficiency and career passion.

DALI dimmable driver can be used in meeting rooms and classrooms. We can realize different purposes according to different types of illumination projects. DALI dimmable driver is energy conversation,  but also has the protection vision function.

DALI dimmable driver can be used in supermarkets and some retail stores where DALI dimmable driver can be easy to control.
led-linear-neukirchen.jpgDALI dimmable driver can be used in hotels where you can create the comfortable and colorful atmosphere, to make people feel well.

DALI dimmable driver can be used in restaurant, you can adjust the brightness according to the different time.