White light led driver

- Sep 20, 2018-

White light LED driver, with good starting performance, fast and reliable, only millisecond response time, can achieve full light output.

The main features of the LED driver are as follows:
1, the starting performance is good, fast and reliable, only the millisecond response time, can achieve full light output.
2, does not contain mercury, excellent environmental performance.
3, good resistance to vibration, weather resistance and long life.
4, convenient dimming, strong controllability.
5, easy to achieve digital control, to achieve colorful, dynamic changes, highly rendered in commercial and entertainment venues.
6. The LED directional radiation within a certain beam angle is used to improve the down-light ratio when used for spotlights, downlights and other lamps.
7. Rapid improvement of light efficiency: The current practical light efficiency of the product can reach 70-90lm/W, and the US laboratory data reaches 160lm/W, which may become the most efficient light source in the next 3 to 5 years.