When Do I Need an LED Driver?

- Dec 14, 2018-

Some LED light bulbs, like those designed to replace household bulbs, already contain an internal driver and don't require an external one. LEDs that typically require an external driver include tape light, cove lighting, LED panels and troffers, as well as some landscape lighting. Check the specifications sheet for your lights or fixture to see if it requires an external driver. Usually your LED will already come included with a driver as part of the assembly, or the spec sheet will specify what type of driver you need to purchase. You may also need to purchase a replacement LED driver when it looks like an LED fails before its rated lifetime. When an LED fixture or LED tube fails prematurely, it is often the fault of the driver. Even though there's no visual indication that it is the driver that's failing, replacing an LED driver can save you the hassle and cost of unnecessarily replacing perfectly good LED bulbs. Unfortunately, internal drivers cannot be replaced, so if your household LED dies early, you must purchase an entirely new bulb.