What types of LED drivers are offered by ottima?

- Jan 04, 2019-

Ottima offers Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED drivers in a variety of form factors
and with several control options.

Constant  Voltage  Drivers are typically used in outdoor fixtures and signs. These LED drivers  provide  a  constant  DC  voltage  output,  typically  12V  or  24V.  The  LED  module, connected in parallel, is designed to run at a specified voltage and incorporates a current regulator to control the current through the LED. Constant Voltage drivers are ideal for sign
applications because of their flexibility to connect a wide range of modules in parallel.
Constant  Current  Drivers are  a  different  technology  and,  like  the  name  suggests,  are designed to provide constant current to an LED module within a specific voltage range.
The driver may power a single module or multiple LED modules within the fixture. Driver
Output Ratings include output current and voltage range. Common rated currents include
350mA, 700mA, 1050 mA, and 1400mA.
The entrance of tunable LED drivers has made LED fixtures even more efficient. Tunable drivers
are Constant Current LED drivers that have been tuned to provide a precise amount of current
to the LED module that is less than what the driver is rated for. Tuning is performed by the fixture
manufacturer to adjust light levels and minimize heat loss. If a driver has been tuned, it is often indicated on the product label