What is Traic Dimmer and What are the Advantages of Traic Dimmer

- Sep 06, 2018-

With the continuously development of society, more and more beautiful and colorful lighting must be we all want. So what can meet our requirement? OTTIMA recommends Traic dimmer to all of us. So what is Traic dimmer? Now let’s know something about Traic dimmer.

Maybe some of you haven’t heard anything about Traic dimmer. In fact, the development of Traic dimmer is very fast. You have see them at some place, such as halls, hotels, clubs, etc. Even sometimes we can see them widely used in markets, offices and homes, etc. Traic dimmer is a kind of precision instruments, which better avoids the regulation mode of alternating transformer. Therefore, this traic dimmer is very easy and convenient to use.

Traic dimmer starts working from a 0-phase AC voltage, waiting for the trigger to be turned on. Then the AC voltage will be delivered to the load. Traic dimmer changes sine waved by adjusting the conduction angle of each AC half-wave. Therefore, we can change the effective value of the alternating current to realize the purpose of dimming.

The low cost and compatibility with existing circuit attract many users. Meanwhile many manufacturers are willing to sell Traic dimmer. So the Traic dimmer dominates the dimming market. It is very easy to adjust the output current time. The light is more stable, gentle, and comfortable.