What is the differences of OTTIMA 0-10v led driver from other vendors

- Jul 26, 2018-

You should take full consideration of LED Light and installation when you choose the right LED dimmable driver for your led light projects. Constant voltage LED drivers are usually used in LED strips and LED bars.  And you can choose constant current LED drivers for down lamps and spot lamps. 

0-10V dimming started as a method for dimming fluorescents but is also used on LED lighting today. It’s typically used in hotel, offices and retail spaces with fixtures that have a LED driver designed for 0-10VDC dimming input.

A 0-10V LED dimmable driver designs with a control chip. The 0-10V voltage changes, the power supply output current will change. For example, when the 0-10V dimming signal modulates to 0V, the output current will be 0, the brightness of the light will be off; when the 0-10V dimming modulates to maximum 10V, the output current will reach 100% power output, the brightness will be 100%.

Maybe you will thought that there are so many vendors in China who can supply 0-10v dimmbale led driver, why we should choose your company to be our partner? Pls. Check my answers as following:

1.the dimming range of other brand 0-10v dimmable led drivers is 1%-100%, but OTTIMA 0-10v dimmable led driver can be 0%. And it do not have the flicker issue.

2.Other brand 0-10v dimmable led driver achieve dimming function though adjust the output current and it has the min load limitation. But OTTIMA 0-10v dimmable led driver is adjust the output voltage to achieve dimming function. What is more, OTTIMA Electronics’ 0-10v dimmable led driver do not have min load limitation. That is to say, you do not consider the load limitation when you choose our led driver.

3.Our 0-10v dimmable led driver has passed the ETL FCC CE Rohs listed and has 3 years warranty.