What is DALI Dimmable Driver’s Reason for Existing?

- Sep 17, 2018-

Nowadays, there are many dimming protocols such as DALI, DMX, KNS, etc. But lots of people don’t know their differences and features. They follow others and don’t know how to choose the control system and products. Now, let’s talk about DALI dimmable driver’s reason for existing. Why do you need use DALI dimmable driver and how to use DALI dimmable driver in which situations in ways that will perform well?
DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), the established interface standard for lighting control systems, enables 64 digital dimmable LED Driver offer application-specific flexibility for both small and extensive lighting systems. It to be individual addressed on a single line, 16 groups to be assigned and 16 lighting scenes to be programmed.

Here is a hypothetical scenario to solve your doubts. There are three working areas in your workshop. Every working area has 20 lamps, 3 working areas has total 60 lamps. According to the traditional model, you need separate cable to control different areas, and install 3 switches to control 3 areas. Meanwhile, you should think the capacity of switchboard, you should adopt additional solutions, you need install 6 circuits and 6 witches to control all lamps at least. If there are more areas, you need more switches and add lots of work. More switches, more difficult to control. If you need to location of the areas, it is inconvenience for you to change the circuits.

DALI is the intelligent lighting system. DALI master control can easily control all areas and divide the groups of lamps.  You install DALI timer, you can set the time when ON or OFF. If you change the areas, regrouping is possible at any time without the need for costly rewiring. With individual address ability and status feedback, DALI lighting control systems not only offer top-quality monitoring functions but also open up new opportunities for developing high-quality lighting solutions because the various parameters can be easily programmed. Additional functions that go beyond the DALI standard have been implemented by Euchips in its intelligent LED Driver to expand the options still further.