What if Canadian Street Art uses DALI Dimmable LED Driver?

- Sep 19, 2018-

With the rapid development of LED technology, you can see LED in many new fields. As one of LED accessories, DALI dimmable led driver has more room for development. DALI dimmable led driver should follow the progress of LED to look for a new application domain.
DWhdh-sV4AA1W4R.jpgdali driver

Nowadays, it is learn that Canadian Montreal Place Des Festivals Square displays more than 30 seesaws with white light. Every seesaw uses LED lighting, which allows for beautiful art display with lighting and bring joys. At night, the seesaws attract a lot of tourists and local residents. What if the street art uses DALI dimmable led driver?
maxresdefault.jpgdali dimmable led driver

You can image that if the seesaws use DALI dimmable led driver, 30 seesaws will like colorful led strips. You will see it is not single white lighting, but iridescence lighting you like. If the seesaws use DALI dimmable led driver, the lighting intensity can be controlled. Meanwhile, you can reduce the brightness. DALI dimmable led driver allows you to play seesaws and see mobile phone clearly at night. How fun this is.
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When DALI dimmable led driver is widely used, you will know more good points of LED lighting which brings the spirit of better visual. The practice improved only unceasing innovation makes good products, so does DALI dimmable led driver.