What Hidden DALI Dimmable Driver Market Can We Find From Indian Energy-saving Plan?

- Sep 12, 2018-

As we all know, many countries vigorously promote energy-saving. Because there will not be enough energy in the world. Our earth we lived in provided the energy is limited. Energy is not only the method the countries save costs, but also the policy which benefits the sustainable development of human beings. In 2015, countries do more to promote the development of LED. As the second most populous country, India would like to popularize this policy. So what hidden DALI dimmable driver market can we find from Indian energy-saving plan?

At the beginning of this year, Indian premier Moody announced that government building, street lamps and residential house lighting would adopt packaging plan of energy saving, and meanwhile start replacing residential bulbs and street lamps. In the next three years, Indian 10 billion old bulbs will be changed to high efficient and energy saving LED bulbs which is the first step. And then the application of DALI dimmable drivers will be not far behind. Let’s wait and see.

It is well-known that incandescent bulb is thermal light source which is very wasting. However, LED is cold light source which is energy saving. If controlled by DALI dimmable driver, LED lighting is more energy-saving. Because according to the requirements, the brightness of LED lighting can be controlled well by DALI dimmable driver.  

With the rapid development of urbanization and industrialize, DALI dimmable driver will become more and more popular in the Indian market. In 2020, the LED lighting market value will be 1 billion. From 2015 to 2020, LED lighting production value will be 41 million. Indian manufacturers produce DALI dimmable driver, the integral level is lower. And the threshold of import is lower. Meanwhile, Indian government relaxes the restriction of DALI dimmable driver. Nowadays, DALI dimmable driver has entered into Indian market.  

There is no better time to open the Indian LED market. If not now, when?