We Should Know much more about a LED Driver

- Sep 25, 2018-

As we all know there are many LED Drivers Manufacturers in the market, providing with LED Lighting Drivers, Led Lamp Driver, Triac Dimmable Driver, Constant Voltage Triac Driver and LED Constant Current DMX Driver,etc. It’s rather hard for you to keep up.But do you know what a LED driver is?

LED Driver refers to the adjustment of power electronic devices driving LED light or LED module assembly to work properly.Due to the decision of conduction characteristics of LEDPN junction, the variation range of voltage and current of the power supply to which it should be capable of adapting is very narrow, a little deviation of which may not light LED or severely reduce the light emitting, or shorten the service life and even burn the chip. The electrical source of current power-frequency and common battery are not suitable for direct supply to LED, LED driver is this electronic component driving LED in the best voltage or current condition to work.

Due to the application of LED has spread over almost all areas of Applied Electronics applications, whose changes such as luminous intensity, light color and on-off control,etc., are almost impossible to estimate, so LED driver has become almost a one-to-one servo device, making the family members of this device become many and various. The most simple LED driver (if you can call it so) may be one or several resistor-capacitor unit of series-parallel dividing flow and voltage in the loop, it‘s not an independent product at all. But for the requirements of providing with more widespread commercial applications of constant and stable output of current and voltage, a series of systematic solutions with accurate ability of adjusting the power supply are formed. Realizing these solutions usually requires more complex circuit design, and its core is the integrated application of LED driver IC. Through setting different support circuitry in the peripheral of LED driving IC, we can build an application program aiming at different LED, from as small as the display back-light of mobile phone and lighting drive of push-button, to as big as the Led Lamp Controller and a large outdoor LED display and so on.

A relative universal design and supply of high-power LED driver are generally acted by a professional company. These companies package it into module secondary before supplying it to the application products manufacturers of LED terminal. But for the not too common drive design of application products of LED terminal, you may need to design it by yourself. It has become an important part of the application products of LED terminal with unique technology content. Because the LED used as the encapsulation of the product is in the upstream, its technical performance has solidified in LED products, and in order to create LED application products with a unique terminal, as far as a light source is concerned, in addition to concentrating our efforts in the LED driving functions,the LED driver functions place, there are not many places where we can fight.

LED drive power is the voltage converter transforming the power supply to specific voltage and current to drive LED to give out light, frequently, the input of Led Dimmer power includes frequency inter-flow of high voltage(it’s called city power), low-voltage DC current, high -voltage DC current, Low voltage high frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformer) and so on. Most of the output of LED drive power is constant current source voltage which can change voltage with LED positive pressure drop.