Ways to light a retail space and attract customers

- Oct 07, 2018-

We will all agree that the retail sector is an important part of any country?s economy, and, many studies have shown that lighting forms a very vital part of this business.

Retail lighting needs to look into various different lighting needs and applications as lighting different spaces, aspects and areas inside and outside a retail store have different impact on its business. Basically, retail lighting is more varied than any other sectors. Since, these lighting solutions will vary with each retail shop and its needs, guidance can be given in the most general terms. But with LED technology developing and advancing fast, there are plenty of solutions and and for all types of applications.

Generally speaking, regardless of the application, a retail store/shop should have brighter illumination and uniform lighting.

Layer approach

One useful approach to lighting a retail shop/store, is the technique of layering, where the overall design is planned by taking into consideration the different uses of lighting. For example, one layer will take care of the lighting that is required for public safety in the circulation areas. Another layer is required to light up the most important area that display the products for sale. Another layer is the functionally important areas like the payment desk and ?returned goods? desk, etc.

Retail lighting basics

Now let’s consider some basics of lighting up your retail shop/store, keeping in mind that each has different lighting needs. Here are a few tips for making the most of your retail space using LED lighting.

Right CRI, right color

Many times we take the object we want to buy near the store entrance to see the actual color in natural light. This shows that the store lighting is nor proper. The natural lighting effects should be created by LED lighting inside the store.

Natural daylight has a perfect color rendering index (CRI), that is 100 CRI. Which means, the higher the CRI, the more vibrant and true colors will appear to us. Hence, it is always necessary that you choose the lighting for your retail space that has high CRI of about 85 or more.

Contrast lighting

Your retail should should have some contrast lighting with light and dark areas. Contrasts created by lighting creates depth and customers can perceive the products better. Contrast lighting also helps to create different levels of lighting. For example, we can use track lights or spot lights is a way that can create contrasts, and highlight the focal points. The product display ares needs to be three times brighter than the surrounding.

Create Ambiance

You know better what type of ambience you need to create in your store. Color temperature of light is the most important way to influence the customers. A study pointed out that while cool white color temperatures (3500K to 5000K) can create a sense of spaciousness, warm white color temperatures (2700K to 3000K) can create a sense of familiarity and smallness. Color temperature of light, however, depends on the type of atmosphere you want to create in your retail space.

Well-lit displays

The display items inside cabinets should be well-lit. By using LED tape light hidden within the cabinets is an effective way to light smaller cabinets. A combination of
accent lighting and wide-area backlighting makes the displayed items more attractive.

Light without heat

For retail spaces, you need to choose lights that do not emit heat which can damage products and discolor fabrics and other materials.