Understanding about Dimming Technology of LED Dimmer

- Sep 24, 2018-

LED dimmer, mainly recognized as LED Lighting Dimmers or LED Lighting Dimmers , will be the contact of LED continuous current energy driver that keeps outputting current varying with voltage alter. When energy IC detects inputting voltage alter, it accordingly adjusts internal PWM signal duty ratio to ensure that outputting present well differ with inputting voltage alter. Therefore, LED light brightness exchanges for the aim of dimming. LED dimmer operating principle involves pulse width modulation, constant current energy adjustment and group control

By classification of application voltage, LED dimmer consists of 0-10V Led Dimmer, 1-10V LED dimmer and other kinds.Below, let’s come to detailed understanding about LED dimming technologies.Firstly, triac dimming. This dimming technologies developed from incandescent light bulb can smoothly realize dimming by taking use of triac chopping wave method by virtue of incandescent light bulb pure impedance load. However, this really is fairly not practical for LED.

For 1 thing, it is of low efficiency to adjust energy from compatible triac, contradicting LED original intention of power saving.
For another, it is hard to understand higher power. For third, it only functions within the situation of single inputting voltage.Triac Led Dimmer, typically LED constant voltage triac dimmer is the application of this technology. But, it is inevitably to die out with incandescent light bulb disappears.
Secondly, linear dimming. This really is technologies occasionally becoming applied in DALI dimmer, offered as continuous current DALI dimmer and continuous voltage DALI dimmer. By taking use of special dimmer with constant present chip to adjust LED present, it reaches the aim of dimming. This technologies has not poor impact only that complex wiring is unfavorable to lightings such as fluorescent lamp and street light. As for desk lamp, this technologies is a lot popularly applied.
Thirdly, PWM dimming. This method is quite comparable with linear dimming and occupies most market together with it. LED PWM dimmer will be the typical mature application of this technologies. Also, this really is a technology for PWM dimming users and clients to apply with pleasure.
Fourthly, remote dimming. It's divided into infrared remote dimming and wireless remote dimming two kinds. Though with a lot complication to understand, remote dimming can get the impact of altering color temperature and color that other dimming techniques can't obtain. It is mainly utilized in panel light dimming, also partially for bulb light. On account of different application environment, it is seldom applied byIndoor Led Dimmer.
Fifthly, section dimming. This dimming method gets the aim of dimming by switching switches on wall in regulated time. The advantage lies in becoming free from additional dimming component. Besides, for the purpose that section dimming is completely realized by internal control from energy switch chip, in a complete voltage situation, it can realized high efficiency and higher power operation no matter in what kind of brightness.

The shortage is only being capable of circulation dimming according to preset brightness instead of variable dimming. But this type IC is few and present adjustment is quite undesirable. Anyway, using the maturity of technology, section dimming may be nicely developed by LED Dimmers Manufacturer to turn out to be the mainstream of dimming technology.