To Witness the Miracle of DALI Dimmable Driver

- Sep 18, 2018-


With the development of societies, more and more cities’ lights are all on the whole night. You can see various kinds of colorful lights. How dose it work? The answer is LED dimmable driver, as introduced DALI dimmable driver. Nowadays, DALI dimmable driver is widely used in all lighting industries. LED strip, LED bar, down lighting, stage lighting, LED wall lamp can be controlled by DALI dimmable driver.

dali dimmable led driver

LED is a kind of lighting source, dimming is also very significant. DALI dimmable driver can create comfortable lighting to give people a visual enjoyment. What’s more, DALI dimmable driver can reduce unnecessary electrical lighting and realize energy conversation. It is very easy to use DALI dimmable driver to control different kinds of LED lamps. Even more amazing, you can use DALI dimmable driver to control all lamps at your home.
eco.jpgdali dimmable led driver

How does DALI dimmable driver control the lamps? Next, is to witness the miracle of DALI dimmable driver.

It is very easy to change the brightness by adjusting forward current. First, let’s change the current. As the LED brightness in proportion to the current. How to adjust the forward current. The easy way is to change the resistor. DC-DC current chips have an interface to test the current. But the resistor figure is small.  So some chips have an interface to test the voltage. If the voltage has changed, the current will change with it.