To Realize Urban Farm by the Ingenious Application of LED Lighting & DALI Dimmable Driver

- Sep 12, 2018-

There was an underground shelter located under the railway station in London, UK, which protected the people from the Second World War. After 70 years, this underground tunnel has been converted into an urban farm. The main successful factor is using LED lighting, and the good helper is DALI dimmable driver which realizes LED dimming by intelligent control system.
It is very simple for this underground farm to grow the mini green plants. At first, all kinds of seeds are put on the wood fiber, and then these seeds are moved to the shelf exposed by LED lighting after several days. Of cause, you can use DALI dimmable driver which works with master controller. The LED lighting keeps bright at 18 hours. According to the specifications of LED dimming, DALI dimmable driver can adjust the light intensity. In other countries, DALI dimmable driver is mature. We also believe that DALI dimmable driver will become more and more popular in China.
The growth cycle of plants is very short. According to the different kinds, all plants grow 6~28 days and then delivery to the London high-class restaurant.


In China, people’s food security crisis awareness is strong. The requirement of organic vegetables is very large. We can make full use of LED lighting to plant organic vegetables.
There are several advantages of using LED to plant cultures.
a. Complete kinds of wavelength. You can use specific wavelength of LED lighting to shine the plants.
b. You can control not only the bloom and yield fruit, but also the plant height and nutritional ingredient.
c. Long lifespan and strong durability can reduce the cost.
d. High PPF, good energy saving. If you use DALI dimmable driver, it will be more energy saving.

e. To realize the intelligent control, it is very easy to connect with control system. You can use phone APP to control cold and warm white light with DALI dimmable driver.


In a world, DALI dimmable driver plays a significant role of urban farm. DALI dimmable driver has a promising future.